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What if my hair is not the same length as yours in the video?
I purposely demonstrate this round brushing blow dry technique on medium length hair so that women with both shorter or longer hair can very easily implement the steps successfully.
Do I have to style my hair with the exact same hair products that you suggest in your video?
No.  The products I suggest in my video are products that I use on my clients and that I have had much success with over the years.  If you are not quite sure what hair products you need to be using, ask your own hair stylist what styling aids they think would compliment your hair best.

Are professional hair products really better than non-professional hair products?
Yes.  Professional hair products contain gentler ingredients which keeps hair strong and healthy.

Is aerosol hair spray easier to use than a pump hair spray?
As a hair dresser for over 14 years, I am going to say without a doubt aerosol hair spray is easier to work with.  Aerosol disperses very evenly and without feeling wet and clumpy.  However, if you feel you can achieve the same finished look with a pump hair spray, then by all means use what you are most comfortable with.
Are you going to produce more hair DVD's?

Yes, there will be more Do It Yourself Hair 101 DVD's in the future.  I would love to hear what you would like to see.  Please send your suggestions to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it