Bravo Carrie!  I can now style my hair at home with no problem.  This DVD is everything it says it is and more.  You give so many helpful tips that no one has ever suggested before.  
Thank You!!

Susan H. -  Bolingbrook, IL


Thank you so much Carrie for this wonderful DVD.  I have always wanted to blow dry my hair with the round brush like my stylist but never could do it the same way she did.   When I watched your DVD I was amazed at how easy the process could be.  My hair has never looked better!

Nicole Vasher- Scottsdale, AZ


Carrie, what a great idea!  I have never seen a DVD like this before.  Watching you style your own hair makes it so much easier to understand.  My hair has never looked better and I get compliments on my hair all the time now.  People will say " Your hair looks so good did you get a new hair cut?"  I kind of laugh to myself and then tell them "no, I just know how to style it now".   I would recommend this DVD to anyone  who has trouble styling their hair at home!!

Becky -  Aurora, IL


I have to say I was a little skeptical at first but went a head and bought the DVD anyway.  I was so impressed with the demonstration and the information given.  This DVD is simple and easy to follow.  It really is hair 101.  Not only does it show technique but it gives you information on what types of products are best for different types of hair.  This DVD proved my skepticism wrong.  Thank you Carrie!
Josey P. - Holland, MI


Wow!  Ladies don't go another day without this DVD, especially if you are someone who has trouble styling your hair.  This DVD is so informative and easy to understand.  This women does a great job explaining everything you need to know. This DVD will really give you salon style at home. 
Ruthie T. - Chicago, IL


I can't believe I have finally found something that will help me blow dry my hair with a round brush.  My hair dresser has tried to explain to me what I should do when I get home but once I got home I could never remember everything.  This DVD is so easy to understand and my hair looks great every day now.
 Lea - Elmhurst, IL 



I am so grateful that I found this DVD.  I have tried to blow dry my hair with a round brush for years but never was able to make it look as good as my hair stylist.  This DVD shows everything from what types of blow dryers, brushes, hair products etc.. pretty amazing!  I have never seen anything like this before.  This girl has really nailed it on the head.    I would highly recommend this product.
Melodie L. - Lousville, KY



Thank you Carrie P. for this wonderful product.  I have always had trouble adding volume to my hair but now I know how.  I am so impressed with your DVD and I hope you come out with more.  I have read a couple of your press releases on PR web and I want to wish you luck on everything.  I think it is great that you are donating proceeds to help couples who are trying to have children through adoption.

Best of luck to you!

Sharon T.   Bloomington, IN



I didn't know if this DVD would help me out since I have pretty long hair but it did!  It had a lot if information but it did not overwhelm me.  Eveything  makes sense to me  now especially since I saw Carrie style her own hair. This is a great product and everyone can learn something from it.  Thanks!
Michelle - Naperville Il



I just watched this DVD and was amazed by it!  Such a professional job from the packaging to the insert.  By Carrie modeling the techniques herself made so much sense.  The final ck list and pointers completed the lesson.  Any woman who buys this DVD will know they got their money's worth and will be able to style their hair!     

Thank you Carrie and keep em coming.
Dana Lindley-Milford, OH



Finally! A DVD worth getting. I've struggled with my hair for years and my husband brought this home to me. I've reviewed it a handful of times and I'm extremely happy with the results.

Kathleen Petrie, Chicago, IL


This DVD has saved me hours of frustration. It's very easy to understand. I love it. Thank you!

Jennifer Spring - Houston, TX


Carrie went through the steps very clearly. I think it's a great DVD and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

Gina Urbanski, Beverly Hills, CA



Kudos on your DVD! I think it's an amazing DVD with a ton of extras. Definitely worth the money. I like how it was broken down into easy to learn steps.

Susan Edelstein, Calabasas, Ca



This DVD was done right. The product insert is impressive and the facts that this DVD is not sponsored by any corporate bias (as she states in the insert) is commendable. The series will be further impressive.

Rose Louzada, Salem,MA



It does more than it says. It's empowered me to try new things with my hair. I've bought them for my sisters and they loved them, too. Thank you!

Sharon Matteson, Sedona, Az


Going to the salon, I never cared what they did with my hair because I would never be able to match it after I got home and showered. I'm excited to have this DVD because it has showed me in specific details how to round brush and blow dry my hair like the salon. I'm happy Carrie Paul has shared her fabulous secrets. I feel amazing in the mornings after I brush my hair. It's strange to say, but I feel like a new woman!

Tiffany Cruise, Los Angeles, CA