Who Is Carrie Paul? Print E-mail

Founder of the unique Do It Yourself Hair DVD series, Carrie Paul, has compiled her 16 years of salon industry experience and the shortcuts taught in schools into an educational Round Brushing DVD series to help women around the world go from bed head to salon styled hair by using round brush short-cuts. After writing down technique instructions and suggested products that work best numerous times for her clients, Paul simplified the process by producing a video on how to round brush by using professional techniques and short cuts. 

Carrie wanted to create the DVD so that women could refer to this round brushing demonstration anytime they needed.  By self demonstrating, Carrie demonstrates manuevers and hand positions so viewers can easily reproduce the steps.  "so many women keep their hair flat or toss it back because they don't feel like they have a choice. What women don't realize is that by implementing the steps given in this unique DVD their hair can look like they just walked out of their favorite salon," Paul says. "To my knowledge, at this time there are no other DVD's out there on round brushing that offer as much detailed and quality information and has the narrator self-styling in this fashion."

Paul's lifelong hair design passion has spawned a 16 year successful career including a posh hair salon, Salon Intuitions, in Naperville, Illinois.  Do It Yourself Hair 101 culminates years of Paul's passion into easily understandable chapters that give women confidence about getting a salon style in their own home without ever having to remember how their hair was styled in the salon!


3% of every DVD sold will be donated to the non profit, Dave Thomas Foundation "Wendy's Wonderful Kids Program.